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Alexandra's Story

Alexandra in her highchair

Alexandra’s Named Person was able to provide support to her and her family when they needed it
Born at 40 weeks with no complications, Alexandra’s issue with keeping her milk feeds down were soon identified as a more complex medical condition… 

Alexandra was born at full term in a Glasgow Hospital after 40 weeks gestation as a healthy baby. With no issues or concerns raised for her health, Alexandra and her mum moved from the care of Midwifery services to the local Health Visiting service when she was 10 days old.

While settling into a healthy feeding pattern can be common issue for new babies, after a few weeks it became very clear that Alexandra’s feeding difficulties with vomiting had become a regular and concerning pattern.  Her weight gain was very poor and everyone had concerns that Alexandra’s developmental progression was affected by her poor health. At her 6-8 week assessment her health visitor was concerned that Alexandra hadn't reached some of the gross motor and hearing and communication milestones appropriate for her age.

Following a discussion with her parents, Alexandra’s health visitor (and Named Person) referred her case to the Paediatrician to identify what the route of the issues might be.  Remaining on hand to help them cope through this very difficult time, working with them to ensure Alexandra had the right support and care.

Alexandra drinking from a cup

Alexandra getting to grips with feeding herself

A lengthy period of hospital admissions followed through her first year of life as it became more obvious that Alexandra had an underlying complex medical condition. This proved very stressful for the family as Alexandra’s father stayed at home caring for her older sibling while her mother stayed in hospital with her infant daughter.

Dealing with her health issues was the main concern for Alexandra’s parents, so having her Named Person act as a single point of contact between them and the number of services working alongside the local health team was a great support and much needed resource.  Ensuring that they, along with Alexandra, were given the right support when they needed it.

Having overcome these early obstacles, Alexandra with the love and care of her parents and the support of the team working with them is leading a happy and healthy childhood

Alexandra with her book

Bookbug helped Alexandra with her communication and literacy skills

What help and support did Alexandra and her family receive?

  • Alexandra’s Named Person initiated a Child’s Plan and took on the Lead Professional role, responsible for coordinating the range of support delivered by the different services and professionals involved.
  • A Community Children’s Nurse joined Alexandra’s health team, advising and monitoring the care and management of specialist feeding equipment necessary to enhance Alexandra’s growth.
  • A Dietitian provides ongoing nutritional guidance and calculation on Alexandra’s daily diet and necessary supplements.
  • A Paediatric Physiotherapist provides guidance on exercise programmes for parents to help increase Alexandra’s muscle tone and development.
  • Homestart provided additional support to Alexandra’s family to help them cope through the highly stressful situation they experienced.
  • Argyll Community Housing Association helped Alexandra’s family secure more spacious and suitable living environment.
  • The Play Therapy team help Alexandra’s mother understand the important role of play within the family home in supporting Alexandra’s development.
  • Bookbug Assertive Outreach are helping Alexandra’s parents progress her communication skills and literacy.
  • Speech & Language Therapy provide supportive guidance to parents to progress Alexandra’s communication skills.
  • Her Paediatrician continues to review and monitor Alexandra’s developmental progress.