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What does GIRFEC mean?

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Case studies

These case studies are based on real scenarios - but some of the names have been changed.

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  • Alexandra's Story

    Born at 40 weeks with no complications, Alexandra’s issue with keeping her feeds down were soon identified as a more complex medical condition…

  • East Lothian's Journey

    Case study of the excellent work being carried out in East Lothian to implement GIRFEC

  • Gabor's story

    Gabor is in P4 and is on the autistic spectrum

  • Amy's story

    When Amy was four months old, she was showing worrying signs that she might not be developing as she should for a child of her age…

  • Charlie's story

    How the Lead Professional co-ordinated a complex package of support for Charlie and his family

  • Tommy's story

    How Tommy’s Lead Professional ensured intensive support for Tommy and his mum when they needed it

  • Ryan's story

    Video case study that shows how the GIRFEC approach can help young people and their families get back on track

  • Eilidh's story

    Eilidh's attendance at nursery was increasingly sporadic - and it was very hard to get in touch with her mum…

  • Kirsty's story

    The police picked up 12 year-old Kirsty late one evening - she had been drinking for several hours – putting herself at considerable risk

  • Rob's story

    How taking a proportionate approach and intervening early meant Rob was able to get things back on track

  • Peter's story

    Peter was due to start nursery when his mum got in touch with the school to tell them she was worried about his communication skills…

  • Kyle's story

    How having a Named Person at school helped Kyle and his family through a difficult time

  • Ella's story

    How the Named Person and Lead Professional worked together to co-ordinate support for Ella and her family