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Supporting Cameron through his early years

0-10 days

Cameron’s Named Person is the midwife – she has no reason to be concerned and hands over the role to…

10 days to school age

…Joe, the health visitor, who assesses Cameron and then sees him for routine immunisation appointments. When Cameron starts nursery…

Nursery school

…the nursery staff have some concerns about Cameron’s social and emotional wellbeing, at which point he also gets a Lead Professional, and a ‘multi-agency’ team to give him and his family the extra support they need.

Cameron gradually makes the transition to a nursery attached to the primary school he’ll eventually attend. When he is full-time in the new nursery, the primary school head takes over from Joe as his Named Person. When Cameron moves up to…

Primary school

…his health and home life deteriorate and a social work disability team gets involved. His social worker becomes his Lead Professional, and his Named Person remains the head of his primary school throughout his time there.

Getting it right in South Ayrshire

Cameron's story

Cameron’s birth in February 2006 was straightforward with no complications. The midwife was his Named Person for the first 10 days of his life, at which point his health visitor, Joe, took over the role. The midwife reported that everything seemed fine.

In the first eight weeks of Cameron’s life, Joe did a developmental assessment using the GIRFEC National Practice Model – this didn’t raise any concerns about how Cameron was getting on.

Joe maintained contact with Cameron and his family through routine contacts, including immunisation appointments.

Cameron started nursery when he was three and staff there began to be concerned about some aspects of his social and emotional development. They shared these concerns with both Cameron’s mum and Joe, who was still the Named Person.

Cameron was then referred to the local child development centre for ongoing assessment.

Lead Professional working with Named Person

Because Cameron’s needs had become more complex, the head of the nursery was appointed as his Lead Professional, working alongside Joe and other specialist professionals to support Cameron and his family.

A multi-agency plan was agreed, with actions for Joe and the nursery. The child development centre took responsibility for organising occupational therapy and speech and language therapy.

His Lead Professional led meetings (referred to as ‘multi-agency reviews) with the other professionals involved in supporting Cameron and his family.

An extra year in nursery

A year before Cameron was due to move up to primary school, it was agreed at one of these multi-agency review meetings that he would benefit from an extra year in nursery and that during this extra year he could gradually move to attending another nursery – this time one attached to the primary school he was due to go to.

So he gradually began attending the new nursery – over a period of months – until he was full time in his new nursery. At this point the head teacher of the attached primary school took over as Lead Professional while Joe the health visitor remained as Cameron’s Named Person.

When Cameron started in primary 1, the primary school head took over as Named Person, and also continued to be the Lead Professional.

A social worker as Cameron's Lead Professional

However, Cameron’s health and home situation deteriorated during his time in primary 1 and a multi-agency review of his plan agreed that in order to improve his outcomes, a social work disability team would need to be involved.

So Cameron was allocated a social worker, and she took on the role as his Lead Professional, while the primary head carried on being his Named Person throughout his time at primary school.


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