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Carers Policy Branch

Care, Support and Rights Division

The Scottish Government
St Andrews House
Regent Road

Email: carerspolicy@gov.scot

Twitter: @SG_CarersPolicy

Short Breaks Fund

Voluntary-run Short Breaks Fund

The Scottish Government are fully committed to improving the quality and quantity of short breaks for carers and young carers. Funding of over £20 million between 2010/11 -2016/17 has been provided. This is administered on behalf of the Scottish Government by Shared Care Scotland and the Family Fund.

The Short Breaks Fund consists of:

  • The Creative Breaks programme: Providing grants to third sector organisations to develop new and existing short breaks provision in line with the fund's overarching aims of promoting greater choice, flexibility and personalisation of services and support. It also provides opportunities to channel funding to carers, via local support organisations, to enable carers and people with support needs to arrange the break of their choosing.
  • The Better Breaks programme: Providing grants to third sector organisations working in Scotland to develop additional, responsive and creative short break opportunities for disabled children, young people and their families.
  • The Take a Break programme: Providing direct grants to families of disabled children and young people to support personalised leisure activities or holiday breaks. This grant programme is administered by the Family Fund.
  • The Short Breaks Learning Exchange: Supporting the sharing of good practice, information, experience and learning across the funded projects, and to a wider audience.

Together, the Better Breaks and Creative Breaks programmes have provided grants to around 700 projects, benefitting nearly 62,000 carers, young carers, and cared-for people since 2011.

Take a Break has supported over 7,500 families with grants across Scotland, enabling the delivery of essential items including computers, tablets, kitchen appliances and much-needed family breaks.