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Consultation on Financial Redress

Consultation on Financial Redress for Survivors of Abuse in Care


The Deputy First Minister committed in November 2016 to consult on financial redress and pledged to consult people who were abused in care as children to consider the range of differing views on the subject.  The consultation was for redress for survivors of in care abuse including those who were abused pre-1964.  The consultation closed on 17 November 2017.

The InterAction Action Plan Review Group met on 25 June 2018 and are now in the final stages of the consultation and engagement on a potential compensation/redress scheme for victims/survivors of abuse in care.  The work is now nearing completion and they expect to publish reports and submit recommendations to the Deputy First Minister in autumn this year as follows:

  • Findings and analysis of the consultation with victims/survivors of abuse in care
  • Executive summary of the consultation with victims/survivors of abuse in care
  • A set of recommendations based on work to date and the information gathered from the victim/survivor consultation
  • A descriptive summary of relevant international evidence on financial compensation/redress schemes elsewhere
  • A high level summary of the perspectives of child care service providers and other relevant professional groups on a potential financial compensation/redress scheme

Further information can be found on the CELCIS webpage here