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National Training Material

As with other aspects of the Act, key stakeholders have been involved in the development and implementation of our training strategy. Recognising that staff in statutory, voluntary and private organisations have different roles and responsibilities in adult protection, a three-level model of training has been developed to address the training requirements for these different levels of knowledge and skills:

Three level model of training

Staff at level 1 - require to have a basic awareness, knowledge and understanding of adult support and protection, sufficient to enable them to properly carry out their governance functions.

At level 2 - a range of staff require to have good awareness of adult protection issues, and a sufficient level of knowledge and understanding to be able to respond appropriately to concerns they have whilst providing support or treatment.

At level 3 - specialist staff, trainers, Adult Protection Committee members and regulatory staff all need to have detailed knowledge of adult support and protection and certain highly developed skills.

Although national training materials have been developed, these may be customised to take into account local procedures and guidance.

Training programmes

In addition, two separate training programmes have been developed. The half day programme aims to raise awareness of the legislation. This is suitable for those in adult support and protection related roles and also wider interests who require level 1 training. The one day programme provides knowledge of the legislation and an understanding of requirements for implementation, including practice implications. This is suitable for certain groups who require level 2 training.