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Adult Protection Policy Team
Protection of Rights & Mental Health Division
3ER - St Andrew's House


Service Users and Carers Involvement in Adult Support and Protection

"The consultation led to the translation of an adult support and protection public awareness leaflet into Punjabi and Urdu, providing a further resource to support awareness raising. Awareness was raised with the 16 members of the minority ethnic community who took part in the service user and carer engagement consultation. This highlighted the importance of continuing to raise awareness in minority ethnic and indeed in all  communities." ~ Anela Anwar, ROSHNI

The project was to develop a clearer understanding of Service Users and Carers viewpoints in relation to Adult Support and Protection processes. The work has been largely based upon consultation and focus groups with Service Users and Carers and their representatives, with some work on public information material.


Report of Service Users and Carers Involvement in Adult Support and Protection

This group agreed there should be a single final report of Service Users and Carers Involvement in Adult Support and Protection, written in plain language so that it can be easily understood by Government, service users and carers alike. The Report summarizes the learning from focus groups and interviews providing an overview of people's awareness of and views about Adult Support and Protection including recommendations (part of Full project report):

Products of the Project In the process of taking forward this work materials and tools were developed to gather views from service users and carers. These documents can be made available on request (from WithScotland) to those planning or undertaking similar work. However it should be noted that these materials would be offered only as examples of a useful starting point:

  • The ethics proposal relating to interviews and focus groups
  • The guide for people carrying out focus groups and interviews
  • The first draft of a guide to develop/review a public message or leaflet
  • Translation of the Scottish Government's 'Information about Harm' leaflet into Punjabi and Urdu