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Adult Support and Protection in A&E settings

Adult Support and Protection in A&E settings

"Dramatic increase in referrals from our three A&E sites" ~ Ruth Thompson, Chief Nurse, Monklands Hospital, NHS Lanarkshire.

The NHS has a vital role to play in adult protection. The Adult Support and Protection (ASP) in NHS Accident & Emergency Settings Project was a national priority agreed in response to a lack of knowledge on how well Adult Support and Protection was being delivered in A&E settings. There were concerns about the engagement of the NHS in adult protection in general and the small number of NHS adult protection referrals in many parts of Scotland and specifically from A&E settings.

The idea of a discrete project was to consider practice and raise awareness of adult protection in A&E settings (Scottish Ambulance Service, A&E Departments and other front door emergency receiving services including out of hours Primary Care Centres, Minor Injury Units and Emergency Care Centres) and was designed to act as a lead in to improving engagement in the NHS more widely.

Audit Tool to support NHS Board

An Audit Tool to support pilot NHS Boards was developed, and supported pilot Boards to carry out audits (pre and post pilot activity) to assess the level of awareness, knowledge & understanding of staff on Adult Protection in A&E settings and identify the numbers of staff who had done training on adult support and prortection in their A&E services.

Bespoke ASP Training Package

The Bespoke Adult Support and Protection Training Package includes a short PowerPoint presentation with A&E specific case studies. The case studies form the basis of the interactive part of the briefing when staff can discuss the scenarios. Learning outcomes covered include respecting rights; recognising harm; reporting harm; responding and recording; and reflecting.

NHS Legal Duties Poster

An NHS Legal Duties Poster was developed to support NHS staff and future work with Boards and the Scottish Ambulance Service.

NHS Boards Reports on pilot activity

Eleven NHS Boards and the Scottish Ambulance Service submitted reports that detailed their pilot activity and ASP in A&E activities complimentary to the aims of the national work. A number shared examples of work that demonstrated effective ways to support improving practice in A&E settings.

Analysis of Survey Responses from APC Convenors

An Analysis of Survey Responses from APC Convenors responses to a Survey Monkey on local Board participation in the national pilot assisted in directing recommendations and will assist with consideration of future work.