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National Priorities

National Priority Projects 2013-14

In August 2012 five National Adult Support and Protection priorities were agreed with the Adult Protection Policy Forum based largely on a report on emerging issues and themes by the National Adult Protection Coordinator. The projects were managed by five teams consisting of a wide variety of stakeholders and including an Adult Protection Convener. The Scottish Government acted as programme managers and the Policy Forum as the Programme Board.

These projects have now been concluded and the final report, project briefs and other products have been delivered.

All the projects have recommendations for changes and future work to be carried out. Some of these recommendations are directed towards individual organisations. Members of these organisations have been involved in creating these recommendations or consulted on them and in many cases will already be considering how to take these forward effectively. In other cases further consultation and consideration will be required to decide priorities and the best way forward.

These projects have been carried out in the context of work in related policy areas and organisations such as the scrutiny bodies. This includes ongoing work on the revised National Care Standards, the Residential Care Task Force, the Public Bodies Joint Working (Scotland) Act 2014 and the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013. As work progresses to consider and implement recommendations and decide priorities this must be done in the context noted and with a view to the future.

Whilst there are many recommendations for change it was recognised in the Biennial Reports 2010-12 and Qualitative Research carried out at that time that "whilst the implementation of the Act has not been without its challenges, the majority of the outcomes it has generated have been very positive". The Act has helped to foster closer multi-agency working than existed in the past, in many cases resulting in better information sharing and a transition towards the shared ownership of the cases. The intention of the projects has been therefore about building on the good work already being carried out and supporting stakeholders in their work to continuously improve.

Thank you to all who contributed whether as part of project teams, task, focus or pilot groups or in any other way.

The summary of the achievements and recommendations was submitted to the Minister for Public Health, and a series of presentations of the five priority projects is available on the WithScotland website:

The five National Adult Support and Protection priority projects:

  1. Adults at risk of Financial Harm
  2. Adult Support and Protection in Care Homes and Independent Hospitals
  3. Adult Support and Protection in A&E settings
  4. Service Users and Carers Involvement in Adult Support and Protection
  5. National Data Collection