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Board Development

Publication of Resources for Non-Executive Directors

Chairs and Non-Executive Directors of NHS Boards play a significant role in the governance and accountability of NHSScotland, as such it is essential that they have access to high quality support and development opportunities that help them to be effective in their role. In recognition of this, the NHS Board Chairs' Quality Portfolio Group commissioned a programme of work which has been progressed over the last two years, as part of a number of key, linked strategic activities at national level.   

As part of this programme of development work a portfolio of resource booklets have been developed to support Non-Executive Directors in their roles. 

  • Induction Approach;
  • Quality, Efficiency and Value;
  • Being Effective;
  • Safety Checklist
  • Quality Improvement and Measurement; and
  • Person-centred Care. 

Continuing the programme of development work a new resource booklet is now available for Non-Executive Directors:

Printed copies of all published booklets have been sent to NHS Boards, via Board Secretaries, and the intention is that further copies can then be printed locally if required. 

NHSScotland Board Development Diagnostic Tool (Demo Version)

The Diagnostic Tool was orignally commissioned by the Quality Portfolio Group, a sub-group of the NHS Board Chairs' Group, as part of a wider programme of work to support Board Development in 2015.

The Diagnostic Tool is a self-assessment tool composed of five domains; all are important contributing factors to Board effectiveness:

  • Engaging with Stakeholders
  • Strategic Intent
  • Holding to Account
  • Board Dynamics
  • Leadership of the Board

If you would like further information on how to use this tool please contact NSS.BoardDevelopment@nhs.net: