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Obesity Route Map Action Plan

On March 17, 2011, the Scottish Government published the Obesity Route Map Action Plan, which details the actions across Government, that with our partners, will be taken forward to address the increasing prevalence of obesity in Scotland:

This is Version 1.0 of the Action Plan which we expect to update on a regular basis for future meetings of the Joint Obesity Group. The Action Plan reflects the direction of travel set out in the Route Map and highlights key milestones which we will monitor and provide commentary on for the Joint Obesity Group.

We will expect to update the Action Plan with new milestones or actions on an ongoing basis and will use the Action Plan as a means of determining progress in tackling obesity.

In addition to the Action Plan the Scottish Government has also published a suite of 16 pre-existing indictors chosen to best monitor progress in delivery of the Action Plan.

If we are successful in implementing the Obesity Route Map and the Action Plan then we should expect to see trends highlighted in the Indicators Paper change over time. We will update the indicators every year with the latest information and provide an analysis and interpretation to the Joint Obesity Group: