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Child Healthy Weight

The Scottish Government has set a national target to reduce the rate of increase in the proportion of children out with the healthy weight range by 2018. This is underpinned by an NHS HEAT target for the provision of child health weight programmes incorporating diet, physical activity and behaviour change components and with an emphasis on involving parents/carers as well as children themselves.

An NHS HEAT target for the provision of 6,317 child healthy weight interventions was set for 2008 -2011 which was exceeded. Boards are now working towards a new overall target of 14,910 further interventions by March 2014.

Guidance to assist in delivery of these intervention programmes has been developed by NHS Health Scotland, supported by an expert reference group.

These intervention programmes will form just one element of our strategic approach to tackling obesity. Government and stakeholders across all sectors have a key role to play in preventing obesity by helping to create environments that make it easier for us all to be more active in our everyday lives and support us in making healthier choices in what we eat.