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Scottish Health Offer

The Scottish Government is committed to delivering a range of actions from the Health Works policy, recognising the important links between good work and good health. The Scottish Government's Health Works strategy document establishes the vision for defining a "Scottish Offer".

What is the 'Scottish Offer'?

The Scottish Health Offer is for any individual of working age in Scotland who requires access to NHS healthcare services in order to address a health barrier to work (or more generally, meaningful activity) and it should ideally support a broad definition of people’s functional capacity. The individual:

  • May be in employment and attending work but with a condition that they think may lead to sickness absence
  • May be in employment but already on sickness absence
  • May be out of work and have a condition that they believe limits their ability to enter into and remain at work

The Scottish Health Offer is not about the NHS providing employability services to individuals with a health barrier – that is not the NHS role.

The role of the NHS in delivering the Scottish Health Offer is to provide healthcare services to those working age individuals with a health barrier to work and to support them through the stages of the patient journey back towards work.

Clear pathways and links, including single points of access into employability services delivered by partners in social care, third sector and independent organisations are integral to successful outcomes for the people using our services.