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Life cycle impacts

Life cycle impacts help the user identify and assess impacts. For example, it may help to focus attention on the disposal phase before the procurement is carried out, allowing the organisation to build end-of-life management requirements into both its performance clauses for successful contractors and its own internal management procedures.

Every product and service has a ‘life cycle’ or number of stages it goes through:Waste icon

  • from the extraction and sourcing of raw materials, such as mining
  • to the transportation of sub-assemblies and parts, often through a global supply chain
  • to the use of products or works and the delivery of services
  • to the re-use, recycling, remanufacture and final disposal of materials

In the Marrakech Approach, the assessment of these risks and opportunities is broken down in to four key phases:

  • Raw materials
  • Manufacturing and logistics
  • Use
  • Disposal or end-of-life management