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What is a national contract?

  • Goods or services that are standard or of a similar nature across the largely common requirements of users in the public sector in Scotland.
  • Where a single contracting interface facilitates the efficiency and competitiveness of suppliers.
  • Where the utilisation of contracts established by a single central organisation would offer improved cost through consolidated procurement volumes & value, and would offer optimised use of scarce procurement resources & skills and concentrate market intelligence information.

Agreement on in-scope national contract commodities

The Contracts and Strategy Directory provides details of the commodities currently available or in development. There are ongoing discussions with the sectoral Centres of Expertise to review a range of further commodity goods & services to assess if they can be designated as national contracts.

Practical tests to determine in-scope national contracts

This analysis was carried out collaboratively between the procurement Centres of Expertise.

Criteria Test Caveat
Standard or of a similar nature Products can be categorised -

using historical spend data tool

Initial test likely to be supply / market side view rather than product, until MI depth develops.
Across largely common requirements

Spend profile - using historical spend data tool

Broadly consistent with sectoral spend contributions No sector > 80%
Improved cost through consolidated procurement volumes and value Price elasticity of demand -Market Analysis & Experience Market analysis / previous experience indicates opportunity to leverage spend.
Optimised use of scarce procurement resources and skills Plans in place across sectors to address common spend - Shared Business Plans Resources in place to address business driven opportunities.
Single contracting point provides an advantage. Supplier concentration - using Market Analysis and historical spend data tool Depending on other market dynamics, high or low concentration may indicate positive opportunity for national collaboration