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Who Does What

Everyone in Scotland is responsible for dealing with waste, including the Scottish Government and its agencies, and local authorities. Businesses, individuals & families are also responsible for reducing their own waste.

The Scottish Government

The Scottish Government has responsibility for national waste policy, and we launched Scotland's first Zero Waste Plan on the 9th June 2010. ( Summary leaflet also available). Legislation and programmes such as Safeguarding Scotland's Resources - Blueprint for a More Resource Efficient and Circular Economy, to support the delivery of the Plan have also been developed. waste logos3

Not only does the Scottish Government have policy responsibility for waste, but as a large organisation and consumer of resources it seeks to lead by example on resource efficiency and responsible waste procedures.

More information on Leading By Example is available in the Sustainable Development section.

Zero Waste Scotland

The Zero Waste Scotland delivery programme was established by the Scottish Government, bringing together seven previously separate waste and resource related programmes. ZWS provides a one stop shop for support services to local authorities, businesses, the third sector and communities across Scotland, enabling all concerned to take the steps necessary towards becoming a Zero Waste Society.

More information on Zero Waste Scotland's activities and the support they offer.

Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is Scotland's environmental regulator, tasked with protecting and improving the environment and human health by regulating activities that can cause pollution and by monitoring Scotland's air, land and water. SEPA has statutory responsibilities around the monitoring and regulation of waste.

Local Authorities

The primary waste function undertaken by Scotland's local authorities is the collection and disposal of household and some commercial waste. How best to deliver this function is a matter for the local authorities and you should refer to your local authority's website for further guidance as to the services they provide.

The Scottish Futures Trust

The Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) is an independent company established by the Scottish Government to deliver value for money across Scotland's public infrastructure investment, including waste infrastructure.

SFT's role is to support local authorities in identifying their infrastructure requirements and to support efficiency in the delivery of new waste treatment facilities.

Resource Efficient Scotland RES logo

The Resource Efficient Scotland programme helps organisations across Scotland save money by using resources more efficiently. Managed by Zero Waste Scotland, it provides free, specialist advice and on-site support to help decision makers in business, public and third-sector organisations cut their energy, water and raw material costs.  For more information, see www.resourceefficientscotland.com.