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Climate Change Delivery Board

The Climate Change Delivery Board, formerly known as the Emissions Reduction Programme Board, was established in the Scottish Government to oversee delivery of the statutory emissions reduction targets required by the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009.  The Board’s terms of reference outline its role to act as the advisory leadership group for the Scottish Government on climate change.


Membership covers Directors from the key areas within the Scottish Government involved with delivering emissions reductions, and non-executive members provide an external perspective.


  • Director-General Enterprise, Environment and Innovation (Chair)
  • Director for Agriculture, Food and Rural Communities
  • Director for Economic Development
  • Director for Energy and Climate Change
  • Director for Environment and Forestry
  • Director for Housing, Regeneration and Welfare
  • Director for Local Government and Communities
  • Chief Executive Transport Scotland

Non-Executive Members

  • Professor James Curran MBE
  • James Fowlie, Director of Integration and Development, COSLA
  • Dr Andy Kerr, Executive Director, Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation

Notes of Meetings

The Board meets quarterly and is chaired by the Director-General Enterprise, Environment and Innovation.  Notes of recent meetings are attached below.  Notes of previous meetings from January 2012 can be provided by contacting the Scottish Government at climate.change@gov.scot.

9 November 2015

27 August 2015

19 May 2015

31 March 2015

The Board met on 21 January 2015 to consider how it can help ensure Scotland stays on track to meet its world-leading climate change targets.  This was a facilitated workshop session which will help to inform the Board’s work going forward.

2 December 2014

12 June 2014

5 March 2014

RPP2 Check Point Report

A Check Point Report identifying progress in delivering RPP2 policies and proposals has been developed to assist the Board monitoring process. The Check Point Report is a tool used by the Climate Change Delivery Board for monitoring purposes and is not an official Scottish Government publication.

The Check Point Report provides a narrative on progress in delivering each of the policies and proposals in RPP2, and looks ahead to potential future activity.  The report notes the expected abatement over the life of RPP2 (to 2027) for each measure.  Where possible, a re-estimate of overall abatement is made when this differs from that originally anticipated when RPP2 was published in June 2013.  In most cases this will be based on informed judgement and, as such, is an indication of whether there is likely to be a difference in abatement over the period rather than a definitive quantification.  Regular re-estimating of overall abatement is generally not practical due to complexities in modelling.

RPP2 Check Point Report