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Wildlife and Natural Environment Bill - Consultation

A consultation to help inform development of the Wildlife and Natural Environment Bill ran from June 17 to September 4, 2009.

Views were sought on how to modernise outdated statute, address anomalies and weaknesses in current provision to make it more efficient and effective, and enhance the sustainable management of the natural environment for the public interest.

The consultation addressed policy on deer management, game law (game licensing and poaching), invasive non-native species, muirburn, the administration of species licensing, the implementation of Ministerial commitments on snaring, the protection of badgers and a number of issues relating to the operation of SSSI statute.

All the consultation documents are still available for information.

Consultation Document

Consultation Responses

Consultation Analyses

Consultation Analysis Reseach Findings

Consultation Report

Partial Regulatory Impact Assessment section of the consultation document.