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The Scottish Flood Defence Asset Database

House Water FloodThe Scottish Government is committed to improving its understanding of flooding in Scotland.

Recommendations made in recent reports on climate change, identified a need for a register of fluvial and coastal defences, containing detailed records of assets, defended areas and number of properties protected.

These reports are:

Climate change Scottish Implications Scoping Study 1999 Scottish Executive Kerr et al

Climate Change review of level of protection offered by Flood Prevention Schemes 2001 Scottish Executive D J Price and J E McKenna

On November 1, 2006 SEPA published the Indicative River and Coastal Flood Map (2006), which shows the 0.5% probability risk of flooding for rivers and the coast in Scotland. However, this map contains only limited information about the location of flood defences and does not take flood defences into account when assessing flood risk. The Scottish Flood Defence Asset Database supplements the SEPA Indicative River and Coastal Flood map by showing locations that currently benefit from flood prevention schemes to mitigate against the risk of flooding.

The Scottish Flood Defence Asset Database (SFDAD) 

SFDAD provides flood risk management practitioners with access to information on Flood Protection Schemes and their associated defence assets within Scotland.  It provides a record of where flood defences exist, the level of protection provided and the general areas benefitting from these defences.  SEPA hosts SFDAD on behalf of the Scottish Government and Scottish Local Authorities.