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Natural Flood Management Group

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Natural Flood Management Group

The Scottish Government believes that natural flood management (NFM) measures are an important part of sustainable flood management.

It also believes that opportunities to use these measures should be explored from the start of any flood risk management project.

Through demonstration work, it is generally accepted that NFM techniques can contribute to reducing flood risk. However, understanding of these measures needs to be improved in order to persuade practitioners, planners and land managers of the case for NFM.

To do this an active and coordinated policy and research strategy for NFM is being developed.

This will be linked to other related Government initiatives such as river restoration and biodiversity. The work will be part of the Scottish Government's wider implementation programme for the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009.

The Scottish Government has set up a Natural Flood Management Group, with representation from a wide range of stakeholders, to advise on developing a NFM strategy. It will also act as a steering group for research studies commissioned to inform Scottish Government policy development.

Natural Flood Management Group Proceedings