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Bathing Water Strategy

picking litter at ElieBathing Water Strategy

In March 2006 the Scottish Government launched its new bathing water strategy, "Better Bathing Waters: Meeting the Challenges of the Revised Bathing Water Directive in Scotland", a follow up to its 2002 "Scotland's Bathing Waters: A strategy for improvement".

The new strategy sets out the Scottish Government's proposals to tackle the challenges under the revised Directive. It outlines three key challenges that we must meet:

  • The administrative challenge of transposing the Directive into Scottish legislation. Regulations came into force in May 2008.
  • The challenge of meeting water quality standards. As Scottish Water investment reduces point source problems, the influence of diffuse sources of pollution on compliance, particularly from agriculture, becomes more apparent. Measures such as General Binding Rules can help reduce these threats, but it is also important to continue working closely with the agricultural community.
  • The challenge of encouraging greater public participation in the Directive's implementation and better bathing water management, including increased provision of information regarding bathing water quality.

Implementing the Directive requires an increased emphasis on partnership working - between the Government, SEPA, local authorities, beach owners and operators, Scottish Water, Clean Coast Scotland and the farming community, among others.