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Antonine Walkway Trust

The trust was formed in November 2000 in partnership with the Community council, to provide an amenity for the village of Croy and surrounding towns and villages. The idea for the trust came during a meeting of the Community Council, who were looking at ways of raising the profile of the village. It was highlighted that one of the main assets of the village was the Antonine Wall, an Ancient monument and a relic of the Roman presence in Scotland. There was already a core path network surrounding the wall, unfortunately over the years it had been neglected and undervalued.

Community Environmental Renewal SchemeIn the late nineties the Millennium Link project was identified. British Waterways along with a number of Local Authorities secured funding to reopen the Forth & Clyde Canal which runs parallel to the monument. This was seen as a window of opportunity to enhance the millennium link, raise the awareness of the Antonine Wall and the profile of the village of Croy. A Committee was formed and a co-ordinator appointed to oversee the project liaison with partners and report back to the committee on the projects' progress for consideration and agreement.

Community Environmental Renewal SchemeThe first task the committee undertook was to establish costs for the project, identify funding sources and compile a restoration plan. It was felt a breakdown of the project, section by section would be the best way forward. During this process the Committee surveyed the project looking at the condition of the core path network with regard to, erosion, drainage problems, fallen trees, and overgrown sections. After this process was completed, it was decided which parts of the plan would be relatively easy to achieve, and which parts would require more detailed planning. A starting point to fulfil the aims and objectives of the project was then identified. Advice was sought from Historic Scotland and other similar agencies as to what the project could and could not do. The trust was also given advice on the type of equipment, signage etc that could be used. As a result of these consultations, kissing gates, sign posting and billboards were identified as being the first phase of the project.

Community Environmental Renewal SchemeThe trust received a start-up grant from North Lanarkshire Council and recruited the support of the local elected member. They received funding from North Lanarkshire Forward, Forward Scotland, Shell Better Britain and donations from Community Groups to help progress the project to the next phase.

They contacted other funding sources and received information regarding the Executive's Community Environmental Renewal Grants. The village's location and organisational structure was in line with the funding criteria and with guidance from North Lanarkshire's CVS a grant of £34,000 was secured.

Community Environmental Renewal SchemeContact

James Hunt
Antonine Walkway Trust
42 Smithstone Crescent
G65 9HG

Telephone: 01236 827242