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Disabled Students Advisory Group

Following the 2003 Funding For Learners review, the Disabled Students Advisory Group (DSAG) was established in 2004 with the remit being to bring together the range of stakeholders involved in the information, advice, guidance and delivery of student support, and to consider and address issues relating to the support available to learners with disability related additional needs in further and higher education.

The stakeholders continue to meet twice a year, every May and November to discuss issues relating to support for disabled learners in further & higher education. The group publishes its agendas and papers from each meeting.

More information can be found on the main Disabled Students Stakeholder page.

Non Medical Personal Helpers (NMPH)

A subgroup was set up to examine the roles, responsibilities and rates of pay for non medical personal helpers and what part institutions should play in supporting students the NMPH needs.

The recommendations to come out of the group have helped to shape policy on non medical personal help and been incorporated into updated guidance on NMPH published by SAAS and the Scottish Government/Skill Scotland. Minutes from NMPH subgroup meetings are available.

SAAS guidance: Student's Guide to the DSA NMPH Allowance

Scottish Government/ Skill Scotland guidance: Employing Support Workers in Higher Education

Partnership Matters

A revised version of Partnership Matters has been published. Partnership Matters is a guidance document which describes the roles and responsibilities of all agencies supporting people with additional support needs who wish to, or are currently studying at Scotland's Colleges or Universities.

Alongside Partnership Matters there are information leaflets for potential and current students of further and higher education, parents and carers which provide an overview of the roles and responsibilities of all the agencies involved in providing the support for people with additional support needs.