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News Archive - 2007

Forum for Renewable Energy Development in Scotland

At the meeting of the Forum for Renewable Energy Development in Scotland (FREDS) on the 13th November 2006, the then Deputy First Minister for Enterprise and Lifelong Learning, Nicol Stephen announced the formation of a sub-group to review the renewables consenting process. The Sub-group, chaired by Keith MacLean - Head of Sustainable Development at Scottish Southern Energy, has met through out 2007. Keith presented its report to the FREDS meeting on 10 December 2007 . The Government will respond to the report in the New Year.

New Scoping Guidance, Application Checklist and Onshore Wind Timetable for Consent

Inspired by the work of the FREDS subgroup, and with the aim of improving the consents process, the Scottish Government has released revised scoping guidance for developers. The revised guidance encourages developers to use the Scottish Government's scoping services by putting a greater emphasis on the importance of scoping proposals in order to best achieve high quality applications. In addition an application checklist has also been introduced and is compulsory for all new applications along with a timetable for Section 36 on shore wind consents process.

All these new documents will aid in the Scottish Government's aim to make decisions quicker by improving quality of applications, more certainty about turnaround times and more robust procedures.

Full details of Energy Minister Jim Mather's comments on renewable energy developments are available in the Scottish Government's news release of 7 December 2007 .

Memorandum of Understanding between SEPA and the Fisheries (Electricity) Committee

SEPA have published the consultation document on a proposed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Fisheries (Electricity) Committee. This document and covering letter are available from the SEPA website.