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FREDS Renewable Heat Implementation Group

Forum for Renewable Energy Development in Scotland

This Group was established to deliver the actions in Scotland's Renewable Heat Action Plan (RHAP).

A full report of the Actions that have been taken so far and those that are underway can be seen in this updated plan.

As well as promoting the delivery of the actions identified in the RHAP, the Group will continually review the market to determine further steps required to make progress against climate change and energy targets, setting new actions where appropriate.

The Group will work strategically with the overarching FREDS group and the Energy Advisory Board to assist in meeting Scotland's overall energy targets while delivering sustainable growth.

The following information on the FREDS Renewable Heat Implementation Group is available:

Papers - 12 August 2009

Papers - 3 November 2009

Papers - 15 December 2009

Papers - 4th Meeting, 16 August 2010

Papers - 5th Meeting, 22 November 2010