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Friday 26/01/2001

Partnership Information Network: Equal Opportunities Policies


Partnership Information Network: Facilities Arrangements


Partnership Information Network: Family Friendly Policies


Partnership Information Network: Management of Employee Conduct


Partnership Information Network: Personal Development Planning and Review


Study into Raspberry Breeding in Scotland (Consultation) (revised)

Revision of consultation letter and report by DTZ Pieda Consulting (originally issued 18/12/00) into raspberry breeding in Scotland.

The Criminal Histories of 372 Suspected Drug Offenders - Research Findings [Research]

In an attempt to establish an objective measure of the link between drug misuse and crime, an examination was undertaken of the recorded criminal histories of suspects apprehended.

Thursday 25/01/2001

An Evaluation of Section 18 of the Mental Health (Scotland) Act 1984 - Research Findings [Research]

Examines & evaluates the operation of Section 18. Surveys sample 'cases' through Mental Health Officers, analyses records in courts & interviews professionals & patients.

Inquiry into the Delivery of Community Care in Scotland: Response by the Scottish Executive

Response by the Scottish Executive of the inquiry into the delivery of community care in Scotland

Report of the Chief Nursing Officer for Scotland's Group on Free Nursing Care

Outcome of consideration of the need for care in nursing homes and the financial framework within which free nursing care should be delivered

Scottish Executive's Response to the Report of the Joint Future Group (January 2001)

Response to the recommendations contained in the report of the Joint Future Group

Wednesday 24/01/2001

The One Door Initiative - An Evaluation - Research Findings [Research]

This study evaluates The One Door Initiative (ODI) - a national demonstration project commissioned by The Scottish Office (1994) to promote interagency responses to the needs of homeless young people.

Tuesday 23/01/2001

Green Commuter Plans: Do They Work? [Research]

The aims of this 18 month research project were to: examine the potential and actual contribution of GCP's to achieving modal shift.

Monday 22/01/2001

Proposed Revised Directive on Public Access to Environmental Information: Summary of responses to Scottish Consultation (at 19 January 2001)


The Goal of Full Employment: Employment Opportunity for all Throughout Scotland

The Goal of Full Employment: Employment Opportunity for all Throughout Scotland

The Town and Country Planning (Demolition which is not Development) (Scotland) Direction 2001

A Direction from Scottish Minister reintroducing a requirement that the demolition of the whole or any part of any gate, fence, wall or other means of enclosure in a conservation area is development

Friday 19/01/2001

Companion Hazard Warning System

Report on Stage 1 trial of COMPANION roadside hazard warning and information system. The system is based on electronic guide for warning drivers of any kind of unexpected events ahead.

Draft issued for Consultation Purposes only: The Processed Animal Protein (Scotland) Regulations 2001

Consultation on prpoosed Regulation

Early Education and Childcare Plans 2001-2004: Guidance to Partnerships

Guidance to Local Authorities, with their Childcare Partnerships, for the completion of the third round of their Early Education and Childcare Plans'

Optimum Provision of Lighting at Rural Junctions

Transport Research Laboratory was contracted by SE-DD RNMMD to investigate the safety performance of reduced provision of lighting at priority controlled junctions on rural roads. (No. PR/SC/07/00).

Showing: 16681 to 16700 of 17293