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Thursday 09/08/2001

Mobility and Access Committee for Scotland (MACS) Convener and Committee Members


The Mobility and Access Committee for Scotland (MACS) Application Pack for Convener and Members


Tourist Road Accidents in Rural Scotland [Research]

This research was commissioned to investigate whether visitors to rural tourist areas in Scotland are subject to a higher involvement in road accidents compared with local drivers.

Wednesday 08/08/2001

Evaluation of the Rural Transport Fund [Research]

The aim of the evaluation was to assess the outcome of the funding in the short term and to assess potential benefits to rural transport and communities served in the longer term.

Plant Health Directive: Consultation on Proposed Changes

Seeking views on proposed changes to the Plant Health Directive (Council Directive 2000/20/EC).

Prevention Better Than Cure - Ensuring Safer Patients and Better Doctors

Provides guidance to Primary Care NHS Trusts and other NHS Colleagues to recognise and deal with poor performance by General Practitioners at an early stage and before serious concerns arise

Scotland's freshwater fish and fisheries:Securing their future

Ministerial Green Paper seeking opinions on a number of proposals regarding the future mangement of Scotland's freshwater fish and fisheries

Tuesday 07/08/2001

"Prevention - better than cure" Doctors and dentists in training - Report of the Short-Life Working Group on Poor Performance amongst Doctors and Dentists in Training

Report of the short lif Working Group looking at why there is poor performance amongst Doctors and Dentists in training/recommendations for improvement.

Transport Policies for Rural Scotland: The Assessment of Policies in relation to Rural Development and Sustainability Objectives - Research Findings [Research]

This report was commissioned to test a policy analysis framework specifically developed to assess progress towards the goals of rural development.

Monday 06/08/2001

Dentistry in the New Millenium

IT Strategy for Dentistry

Independent Review Of Appeals 2000: Review Report - Executive Summary

Results of Review of NNQ Appeals procedure for 2000 exam diet

Independent Review Of Appeals 2000Review Report

Report on Appeals Review following Higher exam result problems in 2000

National Dental Advisory Committee Clinical Governance in Dental Primary Care


National Dental Advisory Committee Dental Practice Advisers in Scotland


Review of Compulsory Purchase and Land Compensation - Research Findings [Research]

This study was commissioned to review the current use of compulsory purchase powers in Scotland.

Teacher Statistics for Scotland

Selection of Web tables on Teachers Statistics in PDF format (Aug 2001)

Friday 03/08/2001

Draft National Care Standards - Third Tranche Services for Children

Consultation document covering standards for Adoption Services, Foster Care Services, Care of Boarding Pupils and Short Breaks and Respite Care Services

Review of Compulsory Purchase and Land Compensation [Research]

The aim of this report is to investigate and review the practices of Compulsory Purchase and Land Compensation in Scotland.

The National Grid for Learning Scotland: Progress Report to December 2000

Report on achievements of National Grid for Learning programme in Scotland up to December 2000.

The Use and Effectiveness of Planning Agreements - Research Findings [Research]

This summary presents the main findings of a research study in to the use and effectiveness of planning agreements within Scotland.

Showing: 16441 to 16460 of 17378