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Thursday 25/11/2004

Practice Team Information - year ending 31 March 2004 [Health and Community Care]

This is the first publication of complete Practice Team Information (PTI) and is for the year ending 31 March 2004.

Scottish Household Survey (2004 - Quarter 2)

This is the sixth in a series of quarterly Statistics Publication Notices which announces the availability of the Scottish Household Survey for a particular quarter

A' dèanamh diofar: Obair-dachaighf (Making the difference: Homework - Gaelic version) [Education and Training]

Making the difference: Homework - Information for parents - Gaelic version

don't give it, don't take it - challenging sectarianism and religious intolerance [People and Society]

Leaflet promoting anti sectarian education resource

Holyrood Project: Follow up to Fraser Report from the Civil Service Commissioner [Government]

Civil Service Commissioner's advice to the Permanent Secretary on the Holyrood Inquiry Report

Responses to Consultation on the New EU Chemicals Strategy (REACH) [Environment]

This document provides a summary of the responses to the Consultation on the New EU Chemicals Strategy (REACH), which was jointly published by DEFRA and the Devolved Administrations.

Road Safety - By Accident or Design? Guidelines for Improving Road Safety in Regeneration Areas

Guidelines on developing an interagency approach to road safety in regeneration areas

What's the Line on Antisocial Behaviour? [Housing]

Leaflet about antisocial behaviour advice line for practitioners

Wednesday 24/11/2004

Violence Against Women - Literature Review

Literature Review commissioned by the National Group to address Violence Agasint Women

Violence Against Women - Literature Review, Executive Summary

Executive Summary of the Literature Review on Violence Against Women

Setting Local Speed Limits: Updated Guidance for Local Authorities

Setting Local Speed Limits: Updated Guidance for Local Authorities

Annual Scottish Labour Force Survey 2003/04

Summary publication of results from the Annual Scottish Labour Force Survey 2003/04, presenting analysis on the labour market and education and skills.

Evaluation of Personal Laptop Provision in Schools - Final Evaluation Report [Research]

Web only full report accompanying education research publication Insight 14

Homicide in Scotland, 2003 - Statistics Published [Statistics]

Summary statistics on homicides recorded in Scotland in 2003

Insight 14: Evaluation of Personalised Laptop Provision in Schools [Research]

Key findings from a study of the evaluation of personalised laptop provision in schools

Tuesday 23/11/2004

Analysis of Responses to Non Domestic Rates: 2005 Transitional Arrangements - A Consultation Paper [Business and Industry]

Paper seeking views on the need for transitional arrangements to be put in place at the time of the next NDR Revaluation (1 April 2005) and if so what the arrangments might be

Genitourinary Medicine (GUM) Statistics - Annual Update for 2001/02 [Health and Community Care]

Annual update of attendance and diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in GUM clinics.

Road Accidents Scotland 2003

Provides detailed statistics about road accidents, accident costs, vehicles involved, drivers and riders, drink-drive accidents, drivers breath tested, and casualties

Analysis of Responses to Non Domestic Rates: Definition of Rural Areas for Rate Relief & Rating Exemption Purposes - A Consultation Paper [Business and Industry]

Paper seeking views on changes to the designation of a rural area for the purposes of qualifying for rural rate reliefs

Monday 22/11/2004

Access to Environmental Information - Guidance for Scottish Public Authorities and Interested Parties - Guidance on the Implementation of the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 [Environment]

Guidance for Scottish public authorities and others, updated for the Holyrood conference, 22nd November 2004.

Showing: 12861 to 12880 of 17290