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Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Governance and Accountability Framework

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Governance and Accountability Framework

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

ISBN: 9781787810587

Broad Framework within which the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) will operate and defines key roles and responsibilities which underpin the relationship between the SFRS and the Scottish Government

Executive Summary

The SFRS is to contribute to the achievement of the SG’s primary purpose of

increasing sustainable economic growth by aligning its aims and objectives with the

Programme for Government, Scotland’s Economic Strategy and National

Performance Framework.

The SFRS also has a critical role to play in helping to deliver the SG's

priorities for the justice sector, as recently formalised in the four outcomes in the

Justice in Scotland: Vision and Priorities 2017 -

? We live in safe, cohesive and resilient communities

Prevention and early intervention improve wellbeing and life chances

Our system and interventions are proportionate, fair and effective

We deliver person-centred modern affordable public services

The Strategy places the SFRS firmly within the wider family of organisations

who work to keep our communities safe and to administer justice in its various forms.

The SFRS should seek to build on existing partnerships and forge new ones, coming

together with other justice public bodies to engage jointly with the SG on strategic

issues, including the scope for improving efficiency across the sector.