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Proposal to ban the manufacture and sale of plastic-stemmed cotton buds in Scotland

Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateApril 27, 2018


ISBN 978 1 78851 850 5 (web only publication)
PPDAS 403206

This document is also available in pdf format (529KB)
The respondent information form and consultation questionnaire are available in Word format (135KB)


Part 1 – About This Consultation
Topic of this consultation
Scope of this consultation
Geographical extent
Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment
Body Responsible for this consultation
How to make an enquiry
The Scottish Government consultation process
Responding to this consultation
Handling of your response
Next steps in the process
Comments and complaints

Part 2 – Background
Issue being addressed
Previous actions to tackle the issue
Rationale for the proposal

Part 3 – Proposal to Introduce a Ban on the Manufacture and Sale of Plastic-Stemmed Cotton Buds
Legal powers available
Previous use of these powers for marine protection
Impacts of proposed ban

Part 4 – Consultation Questions

The Respondent Information Form and Consultation Questionnaire

Consultation Open 27 April – 22 June 2018