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Landlord Registration in Scotland - Consultation on a review of landlord registration applications and fees

Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateMarch 15, 2018


ISBN 978 1 78851 684 6 (Web only publication)
PPDAS 377126

This document is also available in pdf format (477KB)
The Respondent Information Form and Consultation Answer Form are available in MS Word format (265KB)


Ministerial Foreword


Why we are consulting

How we would like you to help

Part 1 – Prescribed information
Proportionate regulation
Proposal - Expand prescribed information
Energy Performance Certificate rating
Proposal - Miscellaneous amendments to prescribed information

Part 2 – Landlord Registration Application Fees
Proposal - Application fees
Proposal - Additional fee
Landlord Registration fee discounts
Proposal - Online discount
Landlord Registration on-line system
Proposal - Recovery of support costs
Proposal - Joint Owner discount
Proposal - Multiple Area discount
Proposal - Agent fee discount
Proposal - Change of circumstance
Incentivising landlords

Part 3 – Impact Assessments
Equality Impact Assessment
Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment

Responding to the Consultation Paper

Respondent Information Form and Consultation Answer Form

Annex A: Evidence relating to property condition

Annex B: Summary of current prescribed information

Annex C: Information about proposed additional prescribed information

Annex D: Processing applications

Annex E: Summary of current fees and discounts

Annex F: Impact of increasing fees by Consumer Price Index

Annex G: Summary of costs relating to the multiple area discounts