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Mortuary Review Group

Mortuary Review Group

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

ISBN: 9781788515931

As part of the response to the campaign by the Whyte family and Richard Lochhead MSP to review the standard of all mortuaries across Scotland, the Minister for Public Health and Sport recognised that the provision of mortuary services would benefit from a wider review to clarify responsibilities and confirm that an appropriate standard of service is being provided.

Executive Summary

Mortuaries of satisfactory quality must be a respectful and dignified resting place for the deceased, be supportive and comforting environment for the bereaved during the distress of attending and identifying the deceased and be a suitable, safe and healthy workplace for the professionals involved in the care of the deceased and the investigation of death.

The purpose of the Mortuary Review Group was to undertake a broader review of mortuary provision in Scotland, as defined by the Public Health (Scotland) Act 2008.