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Tuesday 19/12/2017

Long-term Monitoring of Health Inequalities - December 2017 [Health and Community Care]

Annual update of the 'Long-term Monitoring of Health Inequalities' indicators.

Social Care Services, Scotland, 2017 [Health and Community Care]

Latest national figures for Social Care services provided or purchased by Local Authorities in Scotland.

Consultation on Electoral Reform [Public Sector]

This is the Scottish Government's consultation on Electoral Reform. The Scottish Government is committed to ensure access to democratic participation for all citizens.

Monday 18/12/2017

Consultation on Section 70 of the Education (Scotland) Act 1980 – A guidance document for users of the section 70 process - Analysis of Responses [Education and Training]

Analysis report following the public consultation on the Education (Scotland) Act 1980 - guidance for users of the section 70 process

Scotland's Baby Box - parents' view on contents [Health and Community Care]

Research gathering parents' views on Scotland's Baby Box and items provided to inform re-procurement of the Baby Box contents.

Climate Change Bill: Consultation Summary Report [Environment]

A summary report from independent contractors analysing responses to the public consultation on Scottish Government proposals for a Climate Change Bill.

Friday 15/12/2017

Pre-recording Evidence of Child and other Vulnerable Witnesses: Consultation Analysis [Law, Order and Public Safety]

This report analyses the responses to the Scottish Government's consultation on pre-recording evidence of child and other vulnerable witnesses.

National Health and Social Care Workforce Plan Part 2 – a framework for improving workforce planning for social care in Scotland [Health and Community Care]

National Health and Social Care Workforce Plan Part 2 – a framework for improving workforce planning for social care in Scotland

Stage 1 Report on the Social Security (Scotland) Bill: Scottish Government Response [Government]

The Scottish Government is pleased to make its response to the Social Security Committee’s Stage 1 report on the Bill. The Scottish Government hopes that its response, which sets out its position on the various matters raised by Committee, will be helpful in further informing peoples’ views on the Bill.

Thursday 14/12/2017

Carbon Assessment of the 2018-19 Draft Budget [Economy]

Estimate of the consumption-based carbon emissions associated with planned budget expenditure

Equality Statement - Scottish Draft Budget 2018-19 [People and Society]

An equality assessment of proposed spending plans by ministerial portfolios to accompany the Scottish Draft Budget 2018-19.

Scotland Performs Update [General]

Scottish Government performance information

Scottish Budget: Draft Budget 2018-19 [Economy]

Scottish Government's draft spending and tax plans for 2018-19

Scottish Government Public Sector Pay Policy for 2018-19 [Public Sector]

The Scottish Government Public Sector Pay Policy for 2018-19 for devolved public bodies

Protection of cultural property in the event of armed conflict. Implementation of the 1954 Hague Convention, its Protocols and the Cultural Property (Armed Conflicts) Act 2017 in Scotland [Arts and Culture]

The Cultural Property (Armed Conflicts) Act 2017 allows the UK to ratify the 1954 Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict, and its two Protocols of 1954 and 1999. This document provides guidance on implementation in Scotland

Developing the Young Workforce - Equality Impact Assessment [Education and Training]

This Equality Impact Assessment is a reviewing the progress of an existing policy: the DYW programme has taken on all 39 recommendations from the Wood Commission Report – Education Working for All! This EQIA summarises progress since the DYW programme’s inception.

Equality Impact Assessment - Results [Education and Training]

Developing the Young Workforce - Scotland's Youth Employment Strategy

Inspectorate of Prosecution in Scotland Annual Report 2016-17 [Law, Order and Public Safety]

The 2016-17 Annual Report of the Inspectorate of Prosecution in Scotland

Review of the Plant Health (Export Certification) Fees as charged by the Scottish Government [Economy]

Depending on the requirement of the importing country, plants and plant products must meet certain plant health standards before they are allowed entry. Certification can only be issued following satisfactory official inspection. In Scotland, these inspections are carried out by the Scottish Government Inspectors who issue the certification. Fees for certification and charges for pre-export inspections must fully cover the costs incurred in providing the service.

Wednesday 13/12/2017

Compulsory Purchase Examples - Butterburn Square, Hilltown, Dundee [Planning]

One of a series of case studies of the use of Compulsory Purchase in Scotland - focusing on the use of CPO to assemble land for redevelopment at Butterburn Square in Hilltown, Dundee.

Showing: 21 to 40 of 84