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Consultation on a Fuel Poverty Strategy for Scotland

Consultation on a Fuel Poverty Strategy for Scotland

Thursday, November 9, 2017

ISBN: 9781788513449

The consultation seeks views on proposals to tackle and diminish fuel poverty in Scotland. The strategy looks at our existing approach to tackling fuel poverty and legislative framework and sets out detailed proposals for a new Fuel Poverty Strategy for Scotland. This is a cross-portfolio endeavour by the Scottish Government to take action to tackle fuel poverty and, to enshrine our ambition to eradicate fuel poverty in a new Warm Homes Bill in summer 2018.

Executive Summary

This consultation document meets our Programme for Government and manifesto commitments to consult on a new fuel poverty strategy and introduce an Warm Homes Bill.

The consultation is set out in 8 sections and seeks views on specific issues relating to the purpose of the Warm Homes Bill (such as whether we have targets; what they are; and how progress is measured and monitored) and also the complexities of the strategy (such as how we account for local variations; how we ensure collective ownership is taken; and now the strategy can support and facilitate local partnerships). The consultation also sets out our approach to focus on outcomes. This new approach will shift the focus of policy from processes and inputs towards the impact that the policy and its delivery has on people and communities. It also encourages public services and other key contributors to work together effectively, delivering the best possible outcomes for communities across Scotland.