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Serious Organised Crime (SOC) in Scotland: A Summary of the Evidence

Serious Organised Crime (SOC) in Scotland: A Summary of the Evidence

Friday, December 8, 2017

ISBN: 9781788514378

A desk-based review of national and international literature on serious organised crime (SOC), as well as a review of national operational and mapping data on SOC was conducted.

Executive Summary

This report provides an overview of SOC in Scotland. It draws from national and international literature, as well data from the multi-agency strategic assessment to provide an overall picture of SOC. It provides an overview on the prevalence on SOC in Scotland and basic information on SOC groups and the demographic characteristics of members. It also examines the evidence on the workings of SOC groups, including consideration of the importance of social connections, how groups are structured, and the key criminal activities SOC groups engage in. The social and economic harms that SOC inflicts on individuals, businesses and communities/wider society are also explored. Public perceptions of SOC and the complexity of public attitudes which might have a bearing on prevention are covered, alongside key gaps in knowledge.