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Consultation on Fire and Smoke Alarms in Scottish Homes

Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateSeptember 08, 2017


ISBN 978 1 78851 178 0 (web only publication)
PPDAS 279326

This document is also available in pdf format (320 KB)
This document has a supporting Respondant Information Form in word format (KB)


Ministerial Foreword

Executive Summary

Part One: Background
Building and Fire Safety Ministerial Working Group
Casualties from Fire
Common Housing Quality Standard

Part Two: Current Standards for Fire and smoke Alarms
New Build Housing
Private Rented Housing
Social Rented Housing
Owner Occupied Housing
Houses in Multiple Occupation
Gaps in Standards
Comparison with the Rest of the UK

Part Three: Options to Extend Standards
Social Housing
Tenements and Flats
All Housing

Part Four: Changes to the Minimum Standard
Common Alarms (alarms that are interlinked between flats)
Common Area Alarms
Battery Powered Alarms
Maximum Age for Alarms
Location of Alarms
Other Changes

Part Five: Costs, Timescale and Compliance
Estimate of the Cost of Alarms
Compliance in Social Housing
Compliance in Owner Occupied Housing

Part Six: Wider Context

Part Seven: Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Part Eight: Impact Assessments

Part Nine: How to Respond