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Objectively Measured Physical Activity Levels of Scottish Children: Analysis from A Sub-Sample of 10-11 Year Olds in the Growing Up in Scotland Study

Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateAugust 01, 2017


ISBN 978 1 78851 109 4 (Web only publication)
PPDAS 269286

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Executive Summary

1 Introduction
1.1 Research questions
1.2 Background
1.2.1 Policy Context
1.2.2 Physical Activity Assessment
1.2.3 What is currently known about levels of PA among Scottish children?

2 Methods
2.1 Sample
2.1.1 Sample Characteristics
2.2 Recruitment to the Study
2.3 Data Collection
2.4 Characteristics of the analysis sample
2.4.1 ActiGraph GT3X+accelerometer
2.4.2 Outcomes measured
2.4.3 Physical Activity Questionnaire - Children (PAQ-C)
2.5 Comparison between ActiGraph & PAQ-C
2.6 Analysis

3 Findings
3.1 Objective Measurement of physical activity
3.1.1 Overall Activity Levels - weekday and weekend activity by gender
3.1.2 Time spent Sedentary and in MVPA - weekday and weekend activity by gender 17 Sedentary time - Area deprivation and Gender Area deprivation and Gender
3.1.3 Meeting the PA guidelines using 'Threshold' approach Guideline adherence by area deprivation - Threshold approach
3.1.4 Meeting the PA guidelines using 'Averaging' approach Guideline adherence by area deprivation - 'Averaging' approach
3.2 Self-reported physical activity
3.2.1 Validation of PAQ-C Accelerometer and PAQ-C - MVPA Accelerometer and PAQ-C - counts per minute (CPM) PAQ-C scores between those who do and do not meet the CMO guidelines - 'Averaging' method
3.2.2 PAQ-C scores - Overall, Gender, and by SIMD

4 Discussion and Conclusions
4.1 Overall physical activity levels by accelerometry and self-report
4.1.1 Gender differences in physical activity by accelerometry and self-report
4.1.2 Social patterning of physical activity using accelerometry
4.2 Conclusion

5 References

6 Appendices
6.1 Appendix A - Questionnaire
6.2 Appendix B - Note on weighting for SPACES project
6.3 Appendix C - Scatterplots investigation relationship between MVPA/CPM and PAQ-C scores