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NHS Board Projected staff in Post changes for 2017/18

NHS Board Projected staff in Post changes for 2017/18

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

ISBN: 9781788511704

NHS board workforce projections for 2017/18. Projections are based on staff in post whole time equivalent (WTE) and show the potential effect on each board’s workforce over the financial year.

Executive Summary

Workforce planning is a statutory requirement and was established in NHSScotland in 2005. All NHSScotland health boards provide WTE staffing projections by job family, for between one and three years.

For the coming financial year, 2017/18, total staff in post (including Management non AfC) is projected to increase by 1,414.2 (up 1.0%).

All individual health boards are predicting a WTE increase, with the exception of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde which is projecting a small reduction in the workforce to support the need for financial savings underpinned by service redesigns across a number of areas.