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Review of learning disability and autism in the Mental Health (Scotland) Act 2003: Findings from a scoping exercise

Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateJanuary 12, 2017


ISBN 978 1 78652 710 3 (Web only publication)
PPDAS 260876

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Note about terminology



1. Introduction
Background - the Millan Review
Scottish Government commitment to a review
Remainder of this report

2. Scoping study methods
Stage 1: Survey of stakeholders (May / June 2016)
Stage 2: Interviews with selected individuals / groups (June / July 2016)
Stage 3: Workshops (August / September 2016)

3. Views on the scope of the review
Need for the review
The experiences of people who have been detained
Learning disability and autism in the criminal justice system
The experiences of other jurisdictions
The wider legislative context in Scotland
Other aspects of the 2003 Act which the review should consider
Service provision
Issues the review should NOT consider
Workshop discussions on the scope of the review

4. Who should be involved in the review?

5. How should the review be conducted?
Governance arrangements
What should the review do? Gathering evidence and consulting people
Timescales for the review

6. Conclusions and recommendations
Who should be involved
Conduct of the review

Annex 1: Survey responses
List of organisational respondents
Response rate to survey questions

Annex 2: Interviewees and workshop participants
Workshop participants

Annex 3: Organisations that should be involved in the review
Statutory bodies
National third sector organisations
Local third sector organisations
Professional / regulatory groups / bodies
Academic / research bodies

Annex 4: Suggested methods for gathering evidence and consulting people
Practical issues

Annex 5: Examples of good practice
Engagement exercises and events
Toolkits and other resources
Organisational approaches