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The Best Start: A Five-Year Forward Plan for Maternity and Neonatal Care in Scotland

The Best Start: A Five-Year Forward Plan for Maternity and Neonatal Care in Scotland

Friday, January 20, 2017

ISBN: 9781786527127

The Review of Maternity and Neonatal Services in Scotland was announced on 25 February 2015. Its aim was to ensure that every mother and baby continues to get the best possible care from Scotland’s health service, giving all children the best start in life. The Review examined choice, quality and safety of maternity and neonatal services, in consultation with the workforce, NHS Boards and service users.

Executive Summary

The report sets out the Case for Change for maternity and neonatal services in Scotland, describing current services; provides details of the review process and its findings, based on underlying principles; and describes a new model of care supported by a series of recommendations.

Key Recommendations:

Continuity of Carer: all women will have continuity of carer from a primary midwife, and midwives and obstetric teams will be aligned with a caseload of women and co-located for the provision of community and hospital based services.

Mother and baby at the centre of care: Maternity and Neonatal care should be co-designed with women and families from the outset, and put mother and baby together at the centre of service planning and delivery as one entity.

Multi-professional working: Improved and seamless multi-professional working.

Safe, high quality, accessible care, including local delivery of services, availability of choice, high quality postnatal care, colocation of specialist maternity and neonatal care, services for vulnerable women and perinatal mental health services.

Neonatal Services: proposes a move to a new model of neonatal intensive care services in Scotland in the short and long term.

Supporting the service changes: recommendations about transport services, remote and rural care, telehealth and telemedicine, workforce, education and training, quality improvement and data and IT.