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Equality Statement - Scottish Draft Budget 2017-18

Equality Statement - Scottish Draft Budget 2017-18

Thursday, December 15, 2016

ISBN: 9781786526359

An equality assessment of proposed spending plans by ministerial portfolios to accompany the Scottish Draft Budget 2017-18.

Executive Summary

The Equality Budget Statement (EBS) is an integral part of the Scottish Government’s budget process. It ensures we are aware of the impacts on equality of the spending decisions we are making. The EBS is published every year as part of a suite of Draft Budget documents and this is the seventh in the series.

Promoting equality and tackling inequality clearly run through the Draft Budget. Across the range of portfolios there is investment and support for provision that will advance equality and address disadvantage. Equality is a key element in growing the economy in an inclusive and sustainable way, enhancing public services and improving outcomes for the people of Scotland.