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Consultation on a Child Poverty Bill for Scotland: Analysis of Responses

DescriptionThis report presents the findings of an analysis of responses to the Scottish Government’s consultation on a Child Poverty Bill for Scotland.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateDecember 21, 2016


ISBN 978 1 78652 629 8 (Web only publication)
PPDAS 84275
ISSN 2045 6964

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Executive summary

1. Background and context
1.1. Background
1.2. The consultation
1.3. Submissions and responses
1.4. Analysis of the data and presentation of the information

2. An ambition to eradicate child poverty
2.1. Broad support for including an ambition in statute
2.2. Need to consider the wider policy context of child poverty
2.3. Legislation alone will not eradicate poverty

3. The income-based targets
3.1. Views on making income targets statutory
3.2. Views on the income-based measures
3.3. Views on setting the target levels
3.4. Views on setting targets on an After Housing Costs (AHC) basis
3.5. Views on the date for achievement of the targets

4. The role of the Ministerial Advisory Group on Child Poverty
4.1. Advising Scottish Government and providing oversight
4.2. Making links and sharing good practice
4.3. Profile and representation

5. Links between the national strategy and local implementation
5.1. Clarifying roles and responsibilities
5.2. Local duties, targets and reporting
5.3. Support for sharing learning and disseminating best practice

6. The Child Poverty Delivery Plan

7. The Child Poverty Measurement Framework
7.1. Support for the current framework
7.2. Views on the current indicators
7.3. Moving forward: capturing different experiences of poverty
7.4. Moving forward: suggestions for indicators to amend/add

8. Additional comments

Annex 1: Consultation questions

Annex 2: Respondents

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