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Scotland: A European Nation

Scotland: A European Nation

Monday, November 21, 2016

ISBN: 9781786526151

This publication outlines the historical, political and constitutional context that gives legitimacy to Scotland’s voice in the Brexit debate.

Executive Summary

Scotland’s relationship with the EU is one of mutual benefit. As an active and committed member of the EU, Scotland contributes leadership and expertise across many portfolios. The benefits of EU membership are equally felt across Scotland.

Scotland’s membership of the European Union is the latest example of close cooperation in a long and interconnected history that spans back to the Roman Empire. Both as an independent nation until 1707 and as part of the United Kingdom thereafter, Scotland and its European neighbours have benefited from close relations in trading, sharing of ideas and expertise, and political cooperation.

Brexit poses a fundamental threat to Scotland’s interests and it is imperative that its distinctive voice is heard. This is not only in

Scotland’s interest, it is also in the interest of the UK, the EU, and all of those who want to see a progressive future for Europe.