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Scottish Sea Fisheries Employment 2015

Scottish Sea Fisheries Employment 2015

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

ISBN: 9781786523600

This is the second Scottish Sea Fisheries Report which provides current information on the structure of employment and key characteristics, such as age, nationality, skills and remuneration for Scotland's sea fishing fleet.

Executive Summary

The 2015 Sea Fisheries Employment report presents data from face-to-face interviews with skippers on the quay side of all major ports and the majority of small harbours in Scotland. The survey collected data from 222 vessels, representing 15% of the Scottish fleet in 2015. The survey vessels were drawn from Scotland’s five main fishing sectors which accounts for 87% of all registered vessels in Scotland. At the time of survey, the 222 vessels had 753 crew members representing 16% of the total Scottish fishing workforce.

The report presents results from descriptive analysis by five main fishing sectors which are pot and trap vessels, demersal under 24 metre vessels, demersal over 24 metre, seine and pair trawl vessels, Nephrops trawl and scallop dredge.

The report is broken down into seven sections: nationality, age profiles, length of service, mobility across marine industries, qualifications, work patterns and remuneration.