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Key Scottish Environment Statistics 2016

Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateOctober 25, 2016


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ISBN 978 1 78652 550 5 (Web only publication)
PPDAS 81779

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Population and Households: 1991-2039R
Gross Domestic Product (GDP): 1998-2015R
Motor Traffic on All Roads: 1993-2015R
Electricity Generation by Source: 2000-2014R

Public Attitudes & Behaviours
Perceived Immediacy of Climate Change: 2008, 2013-2015
Frequency of Use of Local Greenspace: 2015
Outdoor Visits: 2006-2015

Global Atmosphere
Annual Mean Temperature: 1910-2015
Annual Precipitation: 1910-2015
Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Source: 1990-2014R
Scotland's Carbon Footprint (Greenhouse Gas Emissions on a Consumption Basis): 1998-2012R
Column Ozone Measurements: 1981-2015

Air Quality
Emissions of Air Pollutants: 1990-2014R
Emissions of Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxides from Large Combustion Plants: 1996-2015
Particulate (PM10) Concentrations: 1997-2015, ,
Nitrogen Dioxide Concentrations: 1992-2015, ,
Ground Level Ozone Concentrations: 1990-2015,
Sensitive Habitats Exceeding Critical Loads for Acidification and Eutrophication: 1995-1997 to 2011-2013,

Public Water Supplies - Water Abstracted and Supplied: 2002/03-2015/16,
Drinking Water Quality: 1992-2015
River Water Quality: 1992-2015R
Nitrate Concentrations in Rivers: 2000-2015
Orthophosphate Concentrations in Rivers: 2000-2015
Coastal Bathing Water Quality 2000-2016

Exposure of the Population to All Sources of Radiation: 2010P ,
Activity Concentrations in Milk: 1966-201540

Waste and Recycling
Waste Sent to Landfill: 2000-2014
Household Waste Recycling: 2004-2015
Food Waste Disposal Behaviour: 2012 - 2015
Waste Recycling Behaviour: 2000-201545

Derelict and Urban Vacant Land: 2009-2015R
Agricultural Land Use: 1982-2016
Nutrients Applied to Crops and Grass: 1986-2015
Area of Woodland: 1924-2016

Designated Areas: 1991-2016
Scheduled Monuments: 1991-2016
Percentage of natural features on protected sites in favourable condition: 2007-2016

Status of UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) Habitats in Scotland: 2008
Status of UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) Species in Scotland: 2008
Status of Wild Bird Populations: 1975-2014R
Selected Commercial Fish Stocks: 1960-2016P,R,
Catches of Wild Salmon: 1952-2015


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