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Independent Review of Underground Coal Gasification - Report

Independent Review of Underground Coal Gasification - Report

Thursday, October 6, 2016

ISBN: 9781786524850

An independent and evidenced examination of the issues and evidence surrounding Underground Coal Gasification, drawing on published sources of information, expert input and community views to help the Scottish Government formulate future policies or actions.

Executive Summary

On 08 October 2015 the Scottish Government announced a moratorium on Underground Coal Gasification (UCG).

The Scottish Government appointed Professor Campbell Gemmell (University of Glasgow), to lead an independent examination of UCG.

The specific objectives of the Independent Review of UCG were to:

• develop a robust, well-researched summary of potential UCG reserves in Scotland and their potential to contribute to Scottish industry and as a source of energy;

• prepare a well-developed and evidenced description of potential environmental, health and regulatory issues associated with UCG;

• advise on whether the technology exists to allow for safe extraction and/or on specific gaps and actions.

The report highlights a set of issues that raise significant concerns over the potential impacts of UCG in Scotland based on international experience of UCG developments.