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Housing Statistics for Scotland 2016 - Key Trends Summary

Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateSeptember 13, 2016


ISBN 978 1 78652 450 8
PPDAS 78429

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Housing Statistics for Scotland 2016: Key Trends Summary1


Key Findings for 2015-16
Housing Supply (Private and Public Sector)
Local Authority Housing
Local Authority Housing Assistance and Licensing

New Housing Supply

New House Building

Affordable Housing

Stock by Tenure

Local Authority Housing Stock

Sales of Local Authority Housing to Sitting Tenants (Right to Buy)

Right to Buy Entitlement

Local Authority Vacant Stock

Housing for Older People and People with Disabilities

Scheme of Assistance

Local Authority Lettings

Local Authority Evictions

Housing Lists

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

A National Statistics publication for Scotland
Correspondence and enquiries
How to access background or source data
Complaints and suggestions