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Feasibility Report of a Deep Geothermal Single Well, Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre

Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateMarch 23, 2016


ISBN 978 1 78652 074 6 (web only)
PPDAS 66775

This document is also available in pdf format (4.8MB)


An errata was published on 16/05/2016 due to changes to the second paragraph under ‘Outline Well Design’ (pdf page 34) and the first paragraph under ‘Review of Consents at Crewe Project’ (pdf page 55.

The pdf and html have both been updated within the document to reflect these changes.



Support - Aberdeen City Council

Executive Summary

Renewable Heat in Scotland

Deep Geothermal Heat in Scotland
Reasons for Lack of Deep Geothermal Development to Date
How the DGSW Addresses These Problems

Purpose and Scope of The Study

Methodology and Project Partners

Geology at The Site
General Geological Setting
Previous Engineering Ground Investigations (AECC Preliminary Ground Investigation 2014)
Aberdeen Granite Composition and Expected Geology to 2kms
Form of The Aberdeen Granite
Structural Features
Whole Rock Geochemistry
Deep Temperature Profile
Geochemistry of The Site
General Setting
Site Specific Geochemistry (Including at 2km Depth)
Potential for Surface Water Pollution
Radon Gas

Review of AECC Site
Existing Site

Outline Well Design
Operational Modes
Interface with Anaerobic Digestion Unit
Integration and Optimisation of DGSW

Installation Methodology
Drilling and Casing the Well
Drilling Methodology
Site Set Up
Cellar Construction
Conductor Installation
Rig Mobilisation
Estimated Drilling Procedure
Site Dismantling
Handling and Disposal of Waste
Testing and Commissioning

Regulatory Review
Scottish Environment and Protection Agency (SEPA) Requirements
Requirements of Aberdeen City Council
On-Shore Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
Review of Consents at Crewe Project

Public Perception and Community Engagement
Low Risk Technology
Effective Communication and Community Benefits
Public Interaction with the Sub-Surface
Deep Geeothermal Exhibition and Community Outreach
Community Engagement Plan

Drilling Contracts And Insurance
Contract Models
Turnkey Contract
Day Rate Contracts
Day Rate Contract without a Main Contractor - Multiple Contracts
Day Rate (with Main Contractor) - Single Contracts
General Liability
Exploration Insurance (Well Performance Risk Insurance)
Construction all risk insurance
Geological Risks
Technical Risks
Lost in Hole Insurance

Commercial Potential and Roll Out
Overall Market, Constraints and Strategy
Policy Drivers
Customer Types
Route to Market
Operations and Logistics
Intelectual Property
Competitive Analysis
Financial Models

Oil and Gas Industry Crossover
Existing Technical & Commercial Resources
Engineering and Geological Skills
Techniques, Equipment & Supply Chain
AECC as a Deep Geothermal Demonstrator Site

LCA - Life Cycle Assessment
Construction Carbon
Operational Carbon
Overall LCA Results - DGSW vs Counterfactual
Sensitivity Analysis and Uncertainties
Lifecycle Costs

Project Delivery And Costs
Agreements Contracts and Permitting
Drilling and Completion of the Well, System Installation
Testing and Commissioning
Operation, Analysis and Reporting

Project Costs
Operational Costs - Staffing
Capital Equipment and Travel
Detailed Drilling Costs
Resource Management

Project Programme
Project Risks

Conclusions and Next Steps