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The Scottish Plant Health Strategy

DescriptionThis strategy sets out the Scottish Government's approach to the protection of the health of plants (agricultural & horticultural crops, plants in parks and gardens, forestry and the natural environment) in Scotland.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateMarch 06, 2016


ISBN 978 1 78652 071 5
PPDAS 64862

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Ministerial Foreword

1. Scope

2. Purpose

3. Inrtoducion
3.1 Safeguarding plant health in Scotland
3.2 Strategic context
3.3 Implementing the Plant Biosecurity Strategy for Great Britain
3.4 Achievements since April 2014
3.5 Stakeholders and SG working together

4. Key Principles
4.1 Partnership working
4.2 Economic, social and environmental impacts
4.3 Communication and knowledge transfer
4.4 Preventative action
4.5 Value for money

5. Framework For The Strategy
5.1 Risk based decision making
5.2 Increased awareness and involvement
5.3 Pre-border measures
5.4 Border measures (imports from outside the EU
5.5 Inland measures and intra-EU trade
5.6 Evidence
5.7 Capability and capacity

6. Delivery Of The Strategy

Appendix 1. Actions for the Scottish Plant Health Strategy 2016-21

Appendix 2: Actions since April 2014 to implement the GB Plant
Biosecurity Strategy