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Wednesday 06/01/2016

National Improvement Framework for Scottish Education - achieving excellence and equity [Education and Training]

The Framework will see new and better information gathered throughout primary and early secondary school years to support individual children’s progress and to identify where improvement is needed. The data will be used to close the gap in attainment between children from the least and most deprived communities in Scotland.

National Improvement Framework Consultation and Engagement Report [Education and Training]

Summary of consultation and engagement which took place to shape and inform the development of the National Improvement Framework.

National Improvement Framework for Scottish Education 2015 Interim Report [Education and Training]

The 2015 Interim Framework Report is the first annual National Improvement Framework report. This report provides an overview of education in Scotland, bringing together what we currently know about Scottish education into one document. A similar report will be published annually to reflect new findings and to provide a broad overview of how Scotland’s children and young people are progressing against the priorities set out in the National Improvement Framework.

The Children's Hearings (Scotland) Act 2011 (Safeguarders Panel) Regulations 2012 [General]

An analysis of responses to the consultation on suggested amendments to the Children's Hearings (Scotland) Act 2011 (Safeguarders Panel) Regulations 2012

Tuesday 05/01/2016

Understanding Disabled People's Housing Pathways: Initial Insights [Housing]

This was a short research project in which we collected and analysed information on disabled people's experiences when trying to find a suitable home that met their needs and that they could afford. The research found that disabled people face significant barriers that are financial, technical, attitudinal and financial. Their experience can be improved by ensuring they have control and choice, respect, independence and being part of a community.

Showing: 41 to 45 of 45